Advantages of using Drupal websites for universities and colleges

Websites of universities and colleges should not only be loaded with interactive features and artistic pages, but they should also be robust, flexible, and scalable. Since websites create the first impression of the university or the college, it is important to provide as much interactive modules as possible. The website should also serve as a knowledge base and an information center to the students and the staff. Other features essential for educational websites include roles and permissions, video tutorials, tours, gallery, payment gateway, and social media integration. The website should also be highly search engine friendly so that it can be found easily by the prospective students. With mobile trend going to its peak, the website should also be mobile friendly and compatible with various mobile browsers and devices. It is always wise to choose Content Management System (CMS) for educational websites.

There are a number of CMS platforms currently available in the market. Drupal is known for its exemplary characteristics such as scalability, flexibility, and robustness. Drupal is also the favorite platform of large businesses. Drupal has a number of core modules and contributed modules that can be readily used to obtain various functionalities required for an educational website. Expert Drupal developers atlanta can also create custom modules for any unique functionality for the specific requirements of the institution. One other advantage of choosing the CMS platform is the availability of various seo modules. These seo modules make it easy, when it comes to optimizing the website for search engines.

Today, smart mobile phones and tablets are being widely used to access the internet. Ignoring the mobile users is fatal to any online business. Many of the prospective students use mobile devices to view information on educational institutions. Drupal websites can easily be optimized for mobile devices by applying responsive themes. While mobile friendly website is one option, mobile apps are also currently very popular among students. Since the Drupal is developed using PHP, the website can be easily integrated with mobile technologies. Thus, all of the content required for mobile apps can be drawn from the website.

Social media plays a major role in generating a large amount of traffic to the websites and integrating social media to the educational websites would escalate the image of the institution within a short period. It is possible to provide admission forms for download and also pay the fees via website. Providing these facilities in the websites of educational websites will greatly boost enrollment and popularity of the university or the college.

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