Amazing Drupal SEO Modules for SEO Enthusiasts

There are umpteen tools that aid in optimizing websites for search engines out there in the market. Most of them are used by webmasters, who do professional search engine optimization. Purchasing and utilizing many of the seo tools in the market is a time consuming and costly affair. If you are planning to use Drupal CMS to create your website, you needn’t worry much about investing in investigation tools. You can manage your SEO right from the admin control panel of your website. Here are some of the popular Drupal seo modules that help you in optimizing your website for search engines.


Seo checklist

The Drupal SEO Checklist checks your site for accurate search engine optimization. The functional to-do list of the module provides a crystal clear view of the tasks you need to do. If the module is periodically updated, it can provide you with hassle-free search engine optimization. Interestingly, the module also maintains a history of previous SEO tasks with date and time.


SEO Compliance Checker

The SEO Compliance Checker is yet another module that checks the node content for search engine optimization if it is created or modified. SEO compliance checker notifies the user for any discrepancies with seo rules, as soon as a publisher saves or previews a node. In fact, the core module doesn’t check compliance on its own but gathers information from other existing seo modules. The two sub modules in seo compliance checker namely basic_seo_rules.module, and keyword_rules.module help the user to define seo rules and keyword rules.


Seo Friend

The Drupal SEO Friend module as the name suggests is improves the performance of other Drupal module development by providing the user with detailed reports on various seo aspects and settings.


HTML Purifier

It is true that the textual content of the website is right the place for search engine optimization. However, robots and spiders that assess the authority of the web page can only crawl if the page has clean coding. HTML Purifier module is a standards-compliant HTML filter library. It removes all malicious code and makes sure that your documents are standards compliant.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics module adds Google analytics web statistics tracking system to the site.

The Google analytics module permits users to add features such as domain tracking (single/multi/cross); tracking/blocking of specific users, roles, and pages; monitoring downloads and emails; adsense support; site search support; and the like that can provide you with a comprehensive knowledge of your website’s performance.


Keyword research

The Keyword Research module is powerful tool that analyzes various trusted data sources to provide you with keyword intelligence. With this module, you can research, examine and choose better keyword phrases to optimize your content instantly from your website’s admin panel.

The above are just a handful from the long list of seo modules available for Drupal CMS. If you are an SEO enthusiast eager to try your hands on SEO, then do not forget to insist your Drupal web developer atlanta to include them in your website.