Analysis of Customer Complaints about Drupal Websites

Drupal is one of the most liked CMS platforms that have evolved much in recent times. Drupal has become the favorite platform for many business owners because of its flexible and robust nature. However, with more and more businesses migrating to Drupal, the customer complaints on Drupal are also increasing by the day. Our Drupal consultants atlanta have been receiving quite a lot of complaints about the Drupal websites, lately. Upon analyzing the complaints, our Drupal consultants came to a conclusion that there was nothing wrong with the CMS. However, they found out some vital clues that made the website owners unhappy. Two important reasons for the dissatisfaction of the websites owners include wrong expectations and improper choice of Drupal developers.

Some of the complaints received by our Drupal consultants are as follows:

  • I am not very happy with the performance of my Drupal website
  • Drupal is very complicated and I have to hire Drupal developers even for simple tasks
  • My developer insists on custom coding even to add simple features on my website
  • Whenever I open the admin panel, it suggests me to apply security updates
  • Had I opted for WordPress or Joomla, it would have cost me less than half the expenses

Although on the outset all of the above customer complaints on Drupal might seem to be genuine, our analysis on the individual business of the customers and their website requirements revealed a very different picture. These complaints had either misunderstood Drupal CMS or simply opted for amateur Drupal developers to cut costs.

In order to mitigate the worries of customers, our Drupal consultants came out with a few suggestions. These suggestions could be of help to anyone who wishes to utilize Drupal CMS for his/her business website. First, it is always wise to avail the services of Drupal consultants before jumping into the bandwagon. Second, always hire the services of professional Drupal developers that have good experience in developing Drupal websites.

It is true that Drupal’s learning curve is deep, but it need not essentially be an obstacle to the growth of your business. In fact, Drupal modules in dexterous hands can boost the performance of your business website in an incredible manner. If you are planning to migrate to Drupal, or if you require custom modules for your Drupal web development atlanta, feel free to get suggestions from our expert Drupal consultants.

If you would like to express your views on the analysis, or if you have come across such situations, do share it with us as comments.