How Drupal 8 Can Change The Way You Market Your Business

With Drupal 8 marking a successful first anniversary, its adaptation rate has been steady and significant. Drupal 7 was prominent amongst government and publishing agencies, but with the release of Drupal 8 digital marketers are also benefitting from unique features such as better content authoring and third party integrations.

Build Content That Matters

Content is the holy grail of marketing. But it could be frustrating when writers are dependent on technical support for small content updates on your website.This was one of the biggest disadvantages Drupal had with its earlier versions. Some level of technical knowledge was essential because Drupal never had a built in content editor, it had to be added as an additional module to let marketers run an effective content campaign.

With Drupal 8’s effective built-in content authoring system, marketers can do so much more than just add and edit content, they can also add forms and create create effective landing pages needed for their digital marketing success. Every element in the page can be predefined and added through their unique drag and drop editor. That’s not all, content can also be added through mobile devices and changes can be made on the page without entering the admin panel.There is plenty of refined features that make the writer’s life extremely easy to create flawless content and pages that are optimized for conversions.

Integrate Site With Third Party Tools

To build a robust marketing process, integration with third party tools is crucial. It’s expensive and resource intensive to build custom tools that satisfy the marketers needs.This where integration comes in. Right from your website analytics to providing effective customer support, there are various third party apps that help make marketers life so much easier. With Drupal 8’s commitment to make third party integration seamless and effective, marketers can integrate with multiple tools to run effective campaigns to improve ROI.

Drupal core is empowered with four popular web services, namely RESTful, Serialization, Hypertext Application Language (HAL) and HTTP Basic Authentication. With Drupal 8 following an API first publishing approach, you can expose content via JSON and XML easily. Also, the Drupal community strives to come up with various modules to help Drupal integrate better with various third party services, making Drupal one of the strongest online open source communities.

Start Building Your Global Presence

Bid farewell to language barriers as Drupal 8 now supports multi language features. Now marketers have no limitations creating content for other languages and can reach out to global customers easily. Start publishing content in various languages as Drupal 8’s core multilingual feature can translate your content effortlessly.

Mobile First Approach

Drupal 8’s core is designed to build websites that are responsive and mobile friendly. Marketers can stop worrying about their web page compatibility with different screen sizes and start publishing non-stop as Drupal 8 is built keeping mobile in mind. Also, content can be added and edited using mobile devices which ease a marketer’s life as they can now work on the go.

Build Prettier Websites

Drupal was known to be sober and boring. But now Drupal 8’s Twig templating can easily build themes that help customize websites to best suit your business. Marketers no longer have to limit to lifeless websites as Drupal 8 gives them the creative freedom to design pages that’s in sync with their marketing needs.

With Drupal 8, marketers can just worry about developing a robust content strategy. It’s time you start building websites and campaigns that are focussed around traffic and revenue. Marketers can integrate their website with various third party tools to measure and optimize results. That’s not all, with the powerful content authoring tools, one can make instant changes to the website and witness results.