Drupal 8: Should we upgrade? Yes, No, or may be?

Drupal is a highly popular CMS platform that has been gaining attention of web developers and business since its debut. The real popularity began with the release of version 5 and it continued to grow throughout versions 6 and 7. Currently, both Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 are being used to power business websites. However, the announcement of the release of Drupal 8 has made many turn their attention toward the CMS. If you are wondering whether to upgrade to Drupal 8 soon after its release, the following information could be of help to you in making the right decision.
Drupal 8 Migration

Drupal has been gaining momentum among large corporate companies and enterprises. The Drupal developers have hyped the CMS so much that today, even bloggers try to switch over to more robust and flexible Drupal. In fact, using Drupal for purposes other than enterprises could make the job more cumbersome. Since many enterprises utilize Drupal, they in return contribute amazing module to the community making it highly popular. In reality, Drupal is being patronized by enterprise while the modules used by ordinary users are getting obsolete.

As far as Drupal 8 is concerned, the community has already provided it with much hype making the Drupal fans more curious. According to the official description, it seems that Drupal 8 would evolve as a grand platform that embraces all sorts of modern technologies. Since the developers have given great importance to mobility, Drupal 8 is likely to become more popular than its predecessors. It is obvious that mobility has become an integral part of modern day business and if you are already looking to enhance your business mobility, Drupal 8 could be the best choice for you.

According to the Drupal community, the CMS is likely to become more user friendly and the learning curve shallow. However, in reality, with enterprises focusing on their unique needs, it is likely to become steeper than ever. Experts feel that businesses that are capable of affording highly skilled Drupal web developers should consider upgrading their business websites to Drupal 8, whereas the ones that would like to maintain their websites with inexpensive half-baked developers should reconsider their ideas of moving on to Drupal 8.

The reaction among the Drupal developers is a mixed one when it comes to Drupal 8. However, expert Drupal developers that show real concern over their client’s businesses feel that it is not wise to upgrade to version 8 at least until things stabilize. Our Drupal developers too feel that it isn’t a good idea to rush into up-gradation before the first results are out. Although our innoppl’s Drupal web developers Atlanta are eager to develop next generation websites using the highly hyped Drupal 8, they suggest our clients to wait on until the time is ripe for the switchover. If you need to know more on the topic, do not hesitate to contact our Drupal developers.