Frequently asked questions about Drupal distribution

What is Drupal distribution?

Drupal is an open source CMS platform which is well known for its scalability, flexibility, and robust nature. Drupal is modular in nature and the initial package comes with core Drupal modules. There are over 20,000 contributed modules that can be freely utilized by Drupal developers to achieve required functionalities in the websites they develop. Drupal developers can also submit any modules to the community, if the modules are unique and are capable of solving problems. Similarly, developers can also contribute a pre-defined set of configuration to the Drupal community, which can be used to build websites quickly. These pre-defined sets are popularly known as Drupal distributions.

What do you mean by pre-defined set of configuration in Drupal distributions?

Pre-defined set of configurations can be easily understood only through apt examples. For instance, an ecommerce site would require a user sign in feature, a gallery, an inventory, shopping cart, payment gateways, and other functionalities to enable the visitors to purchase products with ease. Since Drupal is modular, the developer has to either choose the right modules from the database or create custom modules to achieve these functionalities. Choosing one of the drupal ecommerce distribution services from the list displayed on the official website will make it easy because all of the modules, themes, and functionalities necessary for the ecommerce website will already be configured in it. In layman’s language Drupal distributions are typical templates that can be used to build fully functional websites in a jiffy.

Who can use Drupal distributions?

Since Drupal is an open source software, anyone can download and start using Drupal distribution. However, the user needs to know the Drupal installation and basics of customization. In case, the user isn’t familiar with Drupal, he/she can get the assistance of Drupal developers to customize it and host the website.

Why so much ado about Drupal distributions?

Drupal is preferred for large websites and the ones where heavy traffic is expected. Drupal development is quite tedious and often amateur developers find it very difficult because of the steep learning curve of Drupal. However, Drupal distributions make the entire process easy as users need not develop the website from the scratch. Anyone with basic knowledge can quickly develop and host the website.

What are the benefits of Drupal distributions?

In simple words, Drupal distributions are ready made websites that can be used as such or with simple modifications. Drupaldevelopers can easily customize the Drupal distributions and come up with a fully functional website within a short span. Actually,  Drupal distributions eliminate much work for the developers and make the entire process simple. The cost building the website is greatly reduced when the developers use Drupal distributions.

Where can I find Drupal distributions?

Drupal distributions can be found at the official Drupal website Simply by clicking on the download link provided, you should be able to download the distribution of your choice.

What are some of the popular Drupal frameworks available for users?

There are about 480 Drupal distributions available at the Drupal’s official website. However, some of the most commonly used Drupal distributions include, Commerce Kickstart, OpenPublish, Open Atrium, Drupal Commons, and OpenChurch among others.

Commerce Kickstart – is used to build ecommerce websites
OpenPublish – is used to build news portals and online magazines
Open Atrium – is used to build websites for conversations and collaboration
OpenChurch – is used to develop websites for churches

Can you help us find the right distribution for our business?

We, at Drupalmint, provide full service, when it comes to Drupal development. We are one of the most respected contributors in the Drupal community. We not only help our clients build Drupal websites, but we are also capable of developing custom modules and responsive themes to meet the requirements of our clients. Feel free to contact our Drupal consultants now.