History Of Drupal

Developed in 2001 by Dries Buytaert, Drupal is one of CMS (Content Management System) the most famous and most used. A major reason for this growing popularity comes from the design of Drupal, which skill-fully combines the modularity and extensibility. Drupal is defined as both PHP framework (like CakePHP, Zend or Symfony) and CMS (like Joomla, WordPress, eZ Publish).

By combining a modular framework to a wide library of modules Turnkey CMS, it allows for a very wide range of applications and websites ranging from personal blog, site showcasing on a society, community sites, information portals and online ecommerce portals.

Originally designed to be a collective blog, Drupal developers atlanta has expanded its spectrum in huge retaining the identity as CMS. As pointed above, the growth of Drupal is linked to its extensibility. To the fact, till now more than 40,000 add-ons were contributed from Drupal community, which can be easily integrated to the skeleton.

In terms of content management, it is positioned midway between Joomla and eZ publish. It offers the flexibility and settings to cover most use cases.

Drupal’s core unique and pro features are listed here:

A logical Framework which makes it very flexible with end-user.
• A PHP template engine is very powerful and flexible.
• A vast library of modules compatible with each other.
• Optimized operation with the Apache Solr search engine.
• Architecture modules in making the product easily extensible through an API.
• A content categorization is an ultra powerful class that can handle multiple levels, Synonyms, related Categories, etc.
• Good resistance to strong traffic.
• Permissions based on roles to define the allowed actions, the contents view and edit option, allowing precise management of authorizations.
• Content fully indexed to the search system.
• A fairly comprehensive administration (automation, cache, URL rewrite, etc.,) which requires the additional contributed modules.
• Online help and a rich community of half a million proud members.