How to import your WordPress blog into Drupal 7

Of late, Drupal is gaining immense popularity among the business community. The flexibility, scalability, and robust nature of the platform have attracted even small businesses that have plans of expanding their territories. While it is true that, only skilled Drupal web developers can help businesses migrate to Drupal, there are few aspects that users can try their hands on. For instance, you need not depend on the developer to import the contents of your WordPress blog.

If you are running a WordPress blog and wish to import it to your Drupal website, The WordPress Migrate module makes the job very easy for you. It is possible to import all of the blog posts, pages, and also the associated taxonomy, authors, and files without much difficulty. You can either upload the WordPress export file (WXR) or directly import it from the WordPress site. All you need to do is configure settings and start importing content. You can perform the task within a few minutes.



Manual upload of WXR file

As mentioned above WordPress Migrate module requires a WXR file to import your WordPress blog’s content. Simply log into your WordPress blog and you will find the Export Tool in the administrative interface. By clicking the on the tool you can generate the WXR file. You can then use the file to upload your contents to Drupal via WordPress Migrate module.


Automated import of WordPress blog contents

There is one other way of importing your blog contents from WordPress to Drupal web designer through an automated process. All you have to do is provide your blog’s URL and credentials in the WordPress Migrate module form. WordPress Migrate will automatically log into your WordPress blog export the WXR file to be uploaded in the Drupal website.


Import settings

There are a number of options to control the import from your data source. However, if you prefer to retain the default values, do not alter the import settings of the module. In case, you don’t feel that things are right, then you can simply roll back and try it again.