Principles of successful Drupal website design

Drupal CMS is one of the preferred platforms for developing enterprise level websites. All of the basic principles of successful website design are also applicable for Drupal development company atlanta. Here, we provide you with different aspects that work together toward the success of a website. These points are based on the web psychology and behavioral patterns of users.

Order of information

People visit websites to find out information relevant to their needs. Providing the information in proper order is the key to impress and persuade visitors to perform actions in the web page. Placing an innovatively designed logo on the top left corner of your website will ensure easy recognition of your business. The keyword rich title and H1 tags make the visitor dig deeper into the website. As soon as a visitor finds your website relevant to his needs, his next action will be to check who you are and what are the other relevant products and services you offer. Thus placing information in order will make the visitor stay on your website until he accomplishes the task he intended to.


Often amateur drupal designers atlanta would want to utilize all of the space in the website; however, experienced website developers know that proper spacing will improve the performance of the website. Spacing in textual content, space between the text and image, and the white space are the three aspects to be incorporated properly in a web page design. Proper spacing in textual content ensures readability. Padding, which is the space between various elements such as images and text, adds aesthetic value to the web page. White space or empty space in a web page balances the contents of the page in a pleasing manner to the visitors.


Navigation is one other important aspect that determines the success of a large website. Improper navigation can frustrate users. Any visitor should be clearly guided on two things namely “where to find the relevant information” and his “current location in the website.” Some of the ways to provide easy navigation include providing hyperlinks to pages that contain relevant information and a link back to home page; providing a site map to guide visitors; using bread crumbs to pin point where the visitor is.

Color schemes

The hue of the website does have its impact on the viewer. It is important to research on the tastes of the target audience before deciding the colors for the website. Taking advantage of color psychology is an easy way to impress visitors. Repulsive colors can often pull down the performance of the website. If the target audience is a mixed lot, the best way to satiate them is empowering them to choose their own favorite colors.


Website developers should have an eye for detail, when it comes to typography. Things include font style, size, line spacing, color, and other aspects. If textual content is king, it is the duty of the developer to provide it with royal look it deserves. Apart from being an eye candy, the content should be readable.


While providing the website with aesthetic looks is important, the real success of the website design lies in its usability. If the information is provided in the proper order as mentioned above, it will ensure usability of the website. Interactive websites have always performed better than the traditional ones. Likewise using infographics to explain complex concepts is a way to help visitors understand the purpose of the website.

Consistency and compatibility

Consistency in design makes the website look professional. Planning the elements and style well ahead is the key to achieve consistency. Inconsistencies in design will be obvious and it will have negative impact on the performance of the website. Developers should also make the website compatible for popular browsers so that the alignment and the appearance of the website remain the same on different browsers.

Drupal has a variety of modules and plug-ins, such as seo modules, custom bread crumbs module, responsive navigation module and plug-in, theme enhancement module, and many more that aid Drupal developers in creating performing websites.