Provide a rich digital experience with Drupal CMS

The web technologies have been constantly evolving over the decades. It has been thirteen years since the debut of Drupal. Drupal, which took the world of CMS to the next dimension, has now evolved much more than mere content management system. According to Dries Buytaert, the creator of Drupal, the CMS is powerful enough to manage the entire digital experience of the users. He cites some of the websites, such as GE, White House, and MSNBC among others to prove his argument. In the early stages of the dotcom bubble, the static content was sufficient to get the desired results. Later on, the web became dynamic and soon the content management systems took over the web.

Today, the web is much more beyond just content, it is about digital experience say experts. According to Dries, digital experience in not merely creating pages and managing the content to promote your products and services, but optimizing the content for various users and delivering it to the right user at the right moment in the right format. In short, he says that the value of content can be greatly enhanced by providing it to the target audience when they are in need of it in their preferred format. Drupal web designer has the power to do this and thus stands out of the crowd, when it comes to providing clients with the best digital experience.

Social media and mobile content have completely redefined the internet. Drupal has the ability to seamlessly integrate with social networks and also with mobile applications. The responsive themes of Drupal also enable Drupal developers to optimize the website for mobile devices. Although Drupal is capable of satiating the needs of contemporary digital needs, Dries sees a big challenge and enormous opportunities. As of now, Drupal has the power of Social media integration, WYSIWYG page design, collaboration tools, Rich media integration, and Lead generation tools among others. Dries foresees that by 2015 Drupal being capable of Customer intelligence, Context-awareness, Multi-device compatibility, Service-enabled / APIs, and Multi-site platform governance among others.

If you are planning to host a website that could withstand the challenges of the future, then Drupal is the right choice for you. Contact our Drupal consultants today, with your business details and website requirements.