Responsive Drupal design for healthcare

According to highly reliable surveys, more than seventy-five percent of the internet users are on the lookout for healthcare information. At the same time, the proliferation of smart phones and tablets has made people access information on mobile devices. With more and more people browsing the internet via mobile devices, it is essential for the healthcare institutions to provide the information in such a manner that it is accessible via mobile devices. Unlike the regular websites that can house large amounts of content, mobile websites should provide only the exact answer type content.

Drupal CMS has become very popular among the health care service providers. Fortunately the open source CMS is also highly mobile friendly. Simply by opting for responsive themes, it is possible for the healthcare institutions to provide necessary information to visitors that browse the websites on mobile devices. Maintaining of two separate websites is one thing that Drupal responsive themes relieve the healthcare institutions from. But for the responsive themes, it would have been a cumbersome process for those that wish to woo the mobile users.

Since 2012, Google has been advocating responsive themes for websites. In fact, many of the official announcements from Google points to how businesses can benefit by optimizing their website for mobile users. Although websites optimized for mobile devices are done so to target mobile users, it is obvious that mobile optimized websites have started ranking higher even for the desktop search queries. More than ninety percent of the mobile users are able to distinguish between mobile optimized websites and the rest.

Drupal developers that strongly recommend responsive themes point out that there are three benefits in using responsive designs that could escalate the image of healthcare websites. According to expert Drupal developers, responsive themes reduces the loading time of the website on mobile devices. Since the images and content in a responsive theme are optimized for mobile devices it loads much faster. Quick loading of mobile sites is the way to impress the users. Mobile users browsing non-optimized websites often are frustrated due to long loading time.

While using responsive themes, developers naturally prioritize content for mobile users. The capabilities and expectations of mobile users are very different from that of the users of desktop computers and laptops. Mobile users look for more specific data and crisp answers to their search queries. The limitations of the mobile devices have made people adapt to the different ways of searching and perceiving answers from the internet. Responsive Drupal themes have the ability to fulfill the needs of desktop visitors as well as that of the mobile users.

One other very important benefit of using responsive Drupal themes for health care websites is the streamlined user experience. Providing mobile users with additional useful information by analyzing their needs is a great way to create a great user experience. For example, providing users with location of the nearest hospital or the pharmacy based on the location of the device is indeed a sure-fire method to impress users. Not only will such information save time and money for the visitor, but it can also be a life saver.

We at drupalmint have been providing Drupal website for healthcare institutions for the past five years. Our innovative designers can create a responsive theme, build custom modules, and develop a wonder working website for your organization.