Why use Drupal websites for K-12 schools

Schools have been using software applications for quite some time. There are umpteen number of software applications for schools available in the market. A simple search in the internet for software related to schools will provide you with overwhelming search results. However, of late, schools are looking for an effective web technology that would integrate every one of the software, so that all things related to school management can be accessed in one place. In order to house all of the software and be accessible anytime, anywhere, a robust, scalable and flexible web technology is required. Drupal has all of these characteristics, making it one of the most preferred CMS platforms for school websites.

It is true that there are a number of software applications out there in the market for school management. While a few are free to use, the rest require a small fee to use their system. However, it is not wise to utilize all of the free stuff or those that offer cheap services. While it may seem to be a quick benefit for the school, in the long run they could prove to be very costly. It is always wise to host a dedicated website for the schools, instead of using free software and storage spaces.

A brief look at the commonly used functions of the school management will enlighten you on the benevolence of using Drupal CMS for drupal K-12 schools. The first and foremost use of school management software is student information management. For instance, the software can enable the management to issue applications, conduct online tests, list out selected candidates, display attendance, and or connect with the alumni. Every one of the above mentioned functions can be developed in the Drupal website. Although there is no need for separate software, it is possible to integrate the existing software with Drupal CMS.

Drupal comes with core modules that enable developers to create a robust and scalable website. There are thousands of contributed modules that can invoke specific functions in the website according the individual needs of the schools. In case your school website is in need of unique features, then it is possible to develop custom modules that can enable the website function according to your wishes. Since Drupal is developed using PHP, it easily integrates with a number of software without having the need for any middleware. Integrating Drupal with legacy systems is also possible by using middleware.

Often restricted access to several areas containing confidential stuff is needed for schools. With Drupal it is possible to provide access to multiple users according to hierarchy so that every one of the users will be capable of using the information needed at their levels. For example, the accountants of the school can have access to the financial data with roles and permissions to modify the data, whereas students and parents can be allowed only to view the data.

The same is the case with the attendance, reports and other stuff the only need to be displayed to the parents and students. Whereas, teachers can be given access to the same pages along with the power to enter or modify marks and attendance reports as required. With more and more people browsing the internet via mobile devices, it is possible to optimize the Drupal website for k-12 schools to be viewed on mobile devices. Drupal is known for its responsive themes that adapt to the various screen sizes of the mobile devices. Checking the information on the move is possible with Drupal CMS. Since Drupal can house a variety of content, it is possible to include video tutorials that can explain complex subject matter for the better understanding of the students. Schools can also display videos of the events and other programs conducted for the students.

Other possibilities that can be housed within the website are as follows:

Event organizer: where you can display all the events including special programs like sports events, literary events and other competitive programs.
Exam scheduling: where you can post all of the exam schedules for various classes.
Reports: where you can list out the performance of the students, their grades, and their social behavior.
Parent portal: where you can keep the parents informed about their kids’ attendance, home works, and their overall performance.
Student portal: where students can find their daily assignments, attendance, and performance in class.
Scholarship information: where students can check their eligibility for scholarships and apply for them.
Alumni portal: where past students can keep in touch with one another and with their teachers.
Health portal: where you can display information on ongoing health programs or information on upcoming health programs.
School calendars: where you can provide information on schools days and holidays and other events of the year.
Library: provide access to online libraries to students and teachers
Payment gateways: where you can enable the parents to pay the fees online

One other important use of the school website is to project the image of the school in such a way that alumni and donors get an idea of the future plans of the school and the progress it is making in fulfilling the plans. Highlighting the activities undertaken by the school toward the welfare of its student is the way to draw the attention of donors and alumni that wish to contribute to the growth of the organization.

Websites can also help schools to beat the competition and attract students from the neighborhood. However, online promotion of the website or search engine optimization is essential to rank high in search engine results. Drupal CMS has SEO modules that help the school administration to view the traffic, keywords used, and other essential elements that need to be optimized for search engines. Without having to use additional SEO tools, the school management can easily optimize the Drupal site for better rankings.

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