Use Responsive Drupal Themes for Branding and Customer Satisfaction

Today, browsing is not limited to desktop and laptop computers. Mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets have a lion’s share, when it comes to browsing the internet. Although the takeover by mobile devices was predicted years ahead, many are yet to respond to the change in trends. Earlier, an alternative mobile website was considered as the apt mobility solution. However, the idea proved to be fatal, as mobile website couldn’t aid in branding or customer satisfaction. Unlike a separate mobile website that delivers minimal information, Responsive Drupal themes can retain the beauty of your website design irrespective of the device used to view the website.

A responsive Drupal theme simply means that your website is capable of adjusting itself to the different display sizes, without losing its elegance, and information. Making your website presentable on smart phones and tablets is the way to keep your customers informed, on the go.

Why should you choose responsive themes?

  • The design of your website is the first thing a visitor will notice. If you want to optimize your website for a variety of devices, then using a responsive theme is the best choice. Our drupal website developers atlanta are expects in all the contents of your website including logos, colors, text, ad banners, links and navigation will be intact providing a better user experience to the visitors.
  • Major search engines are seriously considering mobile browsing and the change in algorithms has made mobile compatibility of websites compulsory. A keen observation on top ranking websites will reveal you that all of them are mobile friendly websites. Responsive Drupal themes make your website authentic and increase the trust factor.
  • With more and more people browsing the internet via mobile devices, websites with responsive themes are ones that will attract targeted traffic.
  • Responsive themes also aid in better monetization of your website. Since they can render banners and ad links in a perfect manner, passive income from your website will experience a steady growth.

By providing the visitors with complete information of your business along with your logo and presentation style, responsive Drupal themes can be of great help, when it comes to branding and customer satisfaction. Apart from retaining the look and feel of your website in a uniform manner irrespective of devices used to view your website, responsive themes can save you much time and money. If you are planning to migrate drupal 6 to drupal 7, do not forget to ask your web developer to optimize your website for mobile devices.