Why Drupal 7 users will not migrate to Drupal 8 anytime soon?

Almost every article on Drupal starts with heaps of praise on the flexibility, scalability, and robustness of the Drupal CMS. It is true that Drupal CMS is considered as the most convenient one for eCommerce businesses. The wide range of modules available for Drupal makes it easy for the developers and comfortable for the businesses. The announcement on Drupal 8 by the community did raise the hopes of businesses that were looking for more mobile friendly CMS platform. Members of the Drupal community have been ardently working on the latest Drupal 8 for quite some time. Although many predicted that Drupal users would migrate to the latest version as soon as it is released, the story from experienced Drupal website developers is very different.

According to website developers, users of Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 will not migrate to Drupal 8 anytime soon. The reasons are, of course, obvious. Here are a few of the major reasons for the inhibition of Drupal website owners toward Drupal 8. First of all, the Drupal community is yet to address many issues that were detected during the alpha testing stage. A glance at the official Drupal portal would reveal you the number of issues in the version 8. A blog post from official Drupal site states that there are over 40 major issues to be fixed in the latest version of Drupal. With so many expert Drupal web developer working on the issues, it is eminent that version 8 of Drupal will have a glorious debut.

One of the reasons stated by experts in the field is that even after the release it would take a long time for the community to perfect CMS in all aspects. As of now, the versatility of the Drupal CMS is due to the contributed modules that make the job of the developer quite comfortable. Developers feel that it would take much longer to upgrade the contributed modules to be used in Drupal 8. While developers feel cozy working with Drupal 6 and Drupal 7, businesses, on the other hand, rely on time-tested versions rather than experimenting with a newer version in spite of its advanced features.

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