3 Reasons To Hire Drupal Consultants In Atlanta

As with anything designed to be open source, Drupal is a very user-friendly platform that even those without a lot of technical training or experience can easily navigate. However, even with easy to install modules created by contributors using the Drupal platform there are still several important reasons to work with Drupal consultants in Atlanta. […]

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Top reasons for overshooting the budget in Drupal development

Drupalmint’s Drupal developers Atlanta have been developing highly successful websites for various institutions over the past five years. During the tenure they have never overshot the budget of their clients. A reliable survey on Drupal website development states that over seventy percent of the projects were over budget. Some of the participants revealed that the […]

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Frequently asked questions about Drupal distribution

What is Drupal distribution? Drupal is an open source CMS platform which is well known for its scalability, flexibility, and robust nature. Drupal is modular in nature and the initial package comes with core Drupal modules. There are over 20,000 contributed modules that can be freely utilized by Drupal developers to achieve required functionalities in […]

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Responsive Drupal design for healthcare

According to highly reliable surveys, more than seventy-five percent of the internet users are on the lookout for healthcare information. At the same time, the proliferation of smart phones and tablets has made people access information on mobile devices. With more and more people browsing the internet via mobile devices, it is essential for the […]

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drupal websites for k-12 schools

Why use Drupal websites for K-12 schools

Schools have been using software applications for quite some time. There are umpteen number of software applications for schools available in the market. A simple search in the internet for software related to schools will provide you with overwhelming search results. However, of late, schools are looking for an effective web technology that would integrate […]

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