Drupal Module Design & Development

Though Drupal Module Development has amazing modules that can perform most functions, occasionally drupal module developer is needed. Our Drupal module developers can certainly create custom code but will first ensure there are no simpler alternatives. Once we complete any custom Drupal modules, they are fully tested with multiple code reviews and if you agree, our developers will “open-source” this custom module work for the community to reuse.

Working closely with local and international developer groups is also one of our Drupal module developers’ unique strengths. By staying involved in workshops and meetups, our developers are always current with the latest technologies. We offer services such as: developing a website from the scratch, ongoing maintenance & enhancement of existing websites, and de-bugging code problems. We are frequently called on to fix issues in websites developed by other drupal web module developer or firms.

All Drupal modules fall under one of the following three categories:

Core Modules: Core modules come by default within the Drupal packages that we download from Drupal.org.

Contributed Modules: These are the modules written by the community of developers. Most of these contributed modules are open source and are available to developers under GNPL license.

Custom Modules: Modules that are built by our Drupal module developers to meet our unique customer needs.

Using the core modules and contributed modules in projects obviously requires less development time and cost for our clients. It significantly speeds up overall Drupal website development time. With deep expertise in core modules as well as experience working with many contributed modules, our developers will recommend for you the best possible solution with the lowest total cost of ownership.